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We Teach You How To…

Stand Out

Stand our from the crowd, and attract the Personal Training Clients for YOU.

Get More Leads

Get you and your message in front of potential, ideal clients.

Market Yourself Better

Stop desperately chasing people, and have them come to YOU.

Get Better At Selling

No more awkward or forced sales pitches. No more crappy techniques that don’t work and make you feel dirty.

Manage Your Cashflow

Break out of the feast/famine cycle and become master of your business and your money.

Grow Your Income

Stop living the “struggling Personal Trainer” stereotype and create a 6 figure (and beyond) business.

Hello and Welcome

Are you working your butt off as a Personal Trainer, but things just aren’t happening?
Your trying to chase new clients every day, but no matter how hard you work it feels like your just spinning your wheels and getting nowhere?

We’re here to help you change all that.
Our goal at Personal Trainers HQ is to give you all the information, systems and confidence you need to:

Land More Clients, Grow Your Business And Live The Life You Deserve!

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What We Do…

We know how much you love helping your clients lose weight, get fit and feel better about themselves.

We give you everything you need (scripts, templates and systems) to help MORE people, and to achieve YOUR goals in the process.

You’ve built your business on passion, dedication and persistence i.e by working hard, now it’s time to grow it by working smart!

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